Your feelings when you began the course paper help

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In a 2-3 page response paper reflect upon the past semester. You will share your experience(s) in this course and discuss each of your speeches.


  • 2-3 pages
  • Times New Roman
  • 12 Point Font
  • Double Spaced
  • APA or MLA citations (I do not care which you choose, it just needs to be cited correctly)
  • Proper use of grammar, spelling and in-text citations

In your reflection you should include the following details:

  • Your feelings when you began the course
  • Important learning moments
  • Examples from EACH speech – strengths and opportunities (how did you improve? what were the key aspects to your improvement? what surprised you? what was the response from the audience? these are just a few examples of what you can discuss in your paragraphs)
  • Ways you implemented the feedback – how did you strengthen your speaking skills?
  • Overall impression of the course and your learning
  • Your conclusion should focus on: your favorite speech, your key learning moments, if you could take this class again – what would you do differently? Anything that is relevant in a conclusion.
  • You should cite the text at LEAST 4 separate times. Be sure to use direct quotes and the page number. You will need a reference page at the end of your paper.


I’m an international student; I did 4 speeches through the semester and we were asked to write a feedback after each of the speeches. I included the feedback documents for the first 3 speeches (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) and the last one was a Tribute Speech without a feedback.

The speeches subjects were:

1) Me speech: was about myself.

2) Informative speech: was about the renew energy.

3) Persuasive speech: was about the solar energy

4) Tribute Speech: was about an experience (an accident) which changed your life in a positive way.

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