You are a candidate in a very close election in Port Royal Indiana for County Commissioner homework help

You are a candidate in a very close election in Port Royal, Indiana, for County Commissioner. You must raise an additional $2,250 today during call time. The legal maximum donation from an individual or political action committee (PAC) is $250. You need to raise the $2,250 to pay for the delivery of your last direct mail piece, which costs $4,500. The consultant, printer, and U.S. Postal service must have the money in hand by the end of the day. It is now 9 a.m. and you are just starting today’s call time.

  1. As you prepare for this calling program, take a moment to think about all of the individuals in your Inner Circle. Make them real people to you—your family and friends.
  2. Choose your top 10 prospects from this list and type them into your prospecting form (click the link below for the Excel template), indicating your relationships or history with each.
  3. Be sure to add a target amount (use a minimum and maximum range) to ask for during your call with each individual. Add your amounts to get the total number of projected dollars.
  4. Create a fundraising script to ask for donations to your campaign. Write your script in in Word document.
  5. Submit both your Prospecting Form and script.

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