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Please read throughly

1- Mini-Research #1: Paperless Workplace. Some people predict a paperless workplace future. Find and read two articles( should be websites not PDFs or books) on this topic and then write one full page or longer to discuss it according to the articles. APA style citation for the reference page

2- Mini-Research #2: Ethics. Find and read about an ethical issue -past or present. Then, write one full page or longer to tell about the issue according to your research. (Make sure to cite the websites you used correctly APA style)

** The next parts are easier and should not take that long:

3- Gratitude Journal #1: Good Deed for a Stranger – Do a good deed for a stranger and type a full page or longer entry to tell what you did, for whom, why, how you felt afterwards, and their reaction. (Buy a meal to a homeless)

4- . Gratitude Journal #2: Thank You Letter – type a thank you or appreciation letter to someone who deserves it. Give to that person. Then, type one full page or longer – to tell who you gave the letter to(My roommate), how they reacted, and how you felt afterwards. Be sure to include a copy of the thank you letter.

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