writing assignment 303


I want you to pick a field of your interest that involves marketing a product. It could be any company that markets products or services. Write a 1-2 page paper that answers the below criteria. You will need to write your paper in paragraph form and you do not have to answer in order or repeat the question.

Your paper should flow in a good order.


  • Company
  • Product/Service
  • Market Share or Sales Results
  • Competitors/Competitor Landscape
  • Company/Product Differential
  • Actions to make selling of this product/service successful
  • How do they generate growth/leads
  • Cost of product/service
  • Personal Selling/Advertising or how to they market product
  • Method
  • Tactics/Strategy
  • Demographics
  • Uniqueness and quality

You will need to make sure you include how they market this product brick/mortar stores online or both.

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