Writing about two topics in adulthood and aging 3-4 pages 750-1000 words

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Length should be at about 750-1000 words, approximately 3-4 pages, not including title or reference pages.

Typed using Times New Roman 12 pt. font, doubled spaced.

In general, follow APA guidelines (6th ed.) in formatting and citation.

Your paper should have a title, for example, “Reflection on Topics of Interest in Adulthood and Aging Specific to the Theoretical Models”

This paper should include: Introduction, Two (2) Topics of Interest, and Conclusion.

The introduction should describe your view and the purpose the coursework in Aging and Adulthood brings into our lives.

The main body should include those concepts and topics that have captured your interest thus far (Topics of Interest) as they relate to the theoretical models, Selective Optimization with Compensation Model and the Ecological Model. Your view, opinion and examination of these topics are important. Sub headings of each topic are highly recommended in your main body content.

For each Topic of Interest, there should be at least one scholarly reference source (not including textbook) used and cited as evidence-based support of your view or opinion.

The conclusion should not ‘fall short’ of how your thoughts may have changed toward aging and older adulthood in these specific areas of interest.

Use proper grammar and punctuation.

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