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Length: 1500 words

You are required to write a report on the following topic.

Topic: ‘Plagiarism and its consequences in tertiary education, and how Plagiarism can be minimised’.


An important survival skill for you as a tertiary student is to learn the art of professional report writing. This assessment task is provided to allow you to learn more about the broader context of writing in a report format. Professional report writing requires the application of discipline in conformity with established conventions of presentation, expression, style and format. Learning to write well therefore becomes a life-long educational task. For you to be successful in your university studies, you should be developing skills in analysis and evaluation to improve your ability to think clearly, to document the arguments and findings made by others, and to compare and contrast different viewpoints. Report writing is one such method of assisting students to achieve these tasks.

This assessment addresses the following subject learning objectives.

LO1 – Be able to locate, paraphrase, summarise and comprehend simple to complex English texts
LO2 – be able to develop an effective academic argument based on information gained from a range of sources,
LO3 – be able to write in a range of academic formats, following English writing mechanics and appropriate academic referencing styles;

Marking criteria

Criteria LO
Argument development (40%) 2

You include at least four key points of analysis. You synthesize multiple references to support each point.

You include a substantiated evaluation of the research included for at least two of your key points

You make at least 4 recommendations each linked to the preceding key points

Organisation and structure (25%) 3

You include all components of a report

You provide an accurate yet succinct executive summary

Your report follows a logical sequence and your paragraphs are logically structured

English writing mechanics (20%) 3

You use formal academic language throughout the report and your sentences simple yet expressive.

Your report has no typographical or grammatical errors

Quality of articles (5%) 1

You use at least 8 sources.

All 8 references meet all elements of the CRAP test.

Referencing (10%) 3

Your reference list and in-text references are accurate as per APA6 standard and include all components.

You include a variety of citation techniques.

You include citations where expected.

No marks awarded but a maximum of 8 marks each may be deducted for errors in the following:
Word count (1500 +/- 10%)
Presentation guidelines
Text match exceeding 20%


You must include references to at least five (5) academic references. In addition to five (5) academic references, you are encouraged to refer to additional sources, such as journal articles, book chapters, newspaper articles and practitioner-focused articles

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