Write a paragraph on each of the categories below.

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Begin with the following information:

Give your essay a title that expresses your overall response to the work you chose.

Include the Artist, Title, Date of the work as part of the title or as a subtitle.

The museum Visit Essay corresponds to the Art Gallery Visit Guide.

Write a paragraph on each of the categories below.

Include a photograph and a sketch of the work or a similar work if photography is not allowed.

Include an introductory paragraph and a conclusion. You may use the Personal Response paragraph as the introduction.Make sure that the introduction and the conclusion are related to one another (either confirm or contrast)

Personal Response: Your initial personal response to the work including why you chose the work and where it is located.

Aspects of Form: Everything you can see, feel, hear, or smell about the piece. Include details that you did not notice at first.Include the elements of art that you notice: Line, shape, texture, color, value, space, mass, motion, time. Include principles of design that you notice. Include as many elements as you can and make your description as vivid as possible including where your eye moves around the work, if the picture has shallow or deep space, color schemes used …etc

Aspects of Technique: Record the material that the piece is made out of and speculate on the methods used to make the piece. Try to confirm the methods used to make the piece by seeking additional information in the gallery, textbook or on the web. (include source of information)

-Aspects of Content: Make a list of ideas, issues, or memories that the piece brings to mind. Try to find out what the artist intended the piece to mean by finding an artist statement in the gallery, web, or text.You can make some general assumptions based on what is written about a similar piece if you don’t find anything written about the exact piece you are looking at.You can use interpretations from critics and historians as well as the statement from the artist. Include source information about content.

-Historical Connections: Find a similar work in the textbook that was done at an earlier date then the work that you selected and that may have influenced it.Note why the work is similar, and what historical period and culture the similar work is from.Include any relevant aspects of the social, economic, cultural context that may have influenced the work.

-Value: What kind of value does this work have? (contemplative, expressive, craft, historical/academic (Creativity), political, commercial, personal/sentimental, spiritual, religious, community service….) How does the overall form and content support your assessment of value?

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