write a discipline investigation essay in 1500 words

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Write a Discipline Investigation essay.

We need to interview a person first, then write a essay about this person.

I have provide 3 sample essay and the outline, just follow rules and write a similar essay as sample essay. Please separate the topic like sample essays.

At least 2 citations. “Burean of labor statistic” has useful Industry Information.

Go through Turnitin.

The person we need to write: My major is software engineering. So the person I have interviewed is my software engineering professor. He is a part-time professor. He only has one class in this semester. He is working for Google right now. He is a software engineer right now.

This is all the information I can give you, use you imagination to complete the essay. ( do some research if you need)

His personal website: junsun.net/biography

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