Write a 500-600 word summary account of the chosen topic (the risk) based on two types of knowledge about the risk

Write a 500-600 word summary account of the chosen topic (the risk) based on two types of knowledge about the risk:

(a) your own current understanding and beliefs about the risk and the probable losses and harms associated with it;

Write a brief account of the chosen topic (the risk) based on what you currently understand and believe about it and about its likely/probable occurrence. This account is meant to present what you know about the risk prior to carrying out research about it. This account must include the following:

 what you currently know about the risk and its possible or probable occurrence based on personal experience or on commonsense or common knowledge (what is commonly and generally known) and/or on whatever specialized knowledge you may have from personal interest in the topic;

 what you may have learned from secondary sources such as the mass media, academic studies, teachers, exhibits, scientific reports and journals and so on.

If you do not have any knowledge of the risk beyond personal experience and commonsense, then write the account from that perspective alone. In either case, the account must be concise, coherent, clearly stated, well structured and informative.

This account should be no more than 200 words in length.

(b) what is reported about the risk in recent news coverage. The new coverage will deal with the occurrence of harm and the probability or possibility of future harm.

Write a brief summary of recent news reporting on the risk you selected. Find TWO news articles about the risk and summarize their contents, paying particular attention to what is said about the probable or possible occurrence of the event, circumstance or condition that would result in loss, injury or harm. Try to find articles that are not more than one-year old. For some topics, it will be necessary to summarize older articles, but try not to us article that are more than five years old. To find the articles, you must use the Gale search engine, specifically the Gale “Global Issues” database accessible via the Vanier Library webpage. This summary of recent news reports, will include the following:

 the specific issue, relating to the risk, on which each article is focused. In a sentence or two, state what facet or aspect of the risk each article is addressing.

 the information on probable occurrence contained in the articles. State what the article tells us about the likely occurrence of the risky event or incident and harm, injury or loss that would result.

The account should be about 400 words in length

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