write a 1 050 to 1 400 word project implementation plan for and organization

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Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word Project Implementation Plan for and organization. The Project Implementation Plan must include the following sections:

  • Project Communications Plan: This plan should include the communications plan for project implementation. Your plan should:
    • Describe the communication models and methods that will be employed, and include a Data Flow Diagram.
    • Examine how the project inputs and outputs will be communicated, including performance reports and updates.
    • Describe the tools and techniques that will be used for the project, including information management systems and assets.
  • Risk Analysis Plan: This plan should include risk analysis and contingency planning for the project. Your plan should:
    • Assess qualitative risk analysis inputs and outputs, including scope baseline, risk register, and environmental factors.
    • Evaluate risk analysis tools and techniques, and include sources of risk, a risk probability and impact assessment, and risk data quality and urgency assessments.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Tables may be used to format and organize the implementation plan. They can be included within the plan rather than at the end as normally required by APA guidelines.

**************The paper needs to be based on the organization of: launching a new consumer facing website for an online clothing store.**************

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