work on Norming stage for the case study

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Part II: Referring to Chapter 11 (Aldag & Kuzuara, 2015), and Maxwell’s 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, consider each question below. As a team, prepare responses which should be between 1-2 paragraphs for each question, and should be SUCCINCT and FACTUAL—that is, supporting your perspective with what the scholars say, and models demonstrate. In other words, this is not a stream of consciousness. Use authors and scholars names in the body of your comments, and for this assignment — you do not need to provide formal citations, footnotes or a reference page.

Case Questions:

  • What is it about Kevin and Joe’s relationship that has allowed them to function virtually over all of these years – and how likely is it that they can replicate that same success in all of the people they bring on board?
  • As the team grows from 40 – 400, what will be the challenges of onboarding and assimilating new hires?
  • How will Kevin and Joe continue to foster innovation that will fuel new product development?
  • At what point should Kevin and Joe consider changing out their ‘virtual’ paradigm and if that happens, what do you recommend it look like?
  • If you were a private investor in the company – what would you recommend?

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