Wood Science

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I have four question to answer two of them as is shown below from the instructor. My goal is to get an A grade on my assignment:

Answer two of the following in your own words.

  1. Visit the National Park Service website for Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Mesa Verde National Park or Canyon de Chelly National Monument. Follow the link for “History and Culture” and describe the 3 most interesting things you learned about the Anasazi from visiting the website. Provide the url of the website you visited.
  2. Explain why scientists are studying terra preta do indió in hopes of replicating it for modern agriculture.
  3. What were the four great migrations from the British Isles to what is now the United States prior to the American Revolution? Where did each group of immigrants come from, where did they settle in North America, and why did they leave Britain?
  4. Describe the story of the construction and service of the first six frigates built by the United States Navy between 1797 and 1800. Do any of those ships remain?

Note to follow the instruction as the instructor requested:

Please submit your work as a 2-page (1 page per question) MS Word (.doc or .docx) or .rtf attachment. Use the following naming convention:

assn_2_ YourName.docx

Make sure your name is on each page of the document as well.

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