Why is it important to be able to construct grammatically correct sentences?, English 095 assignment help

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Assignment 1: Discussion—Reflective Thoughts

Reflect on your experiences in this course and answer the following questions in one to two paragraphs:

  • Why is it important to be able to construct grammatically correct sentences? How has this course helped you to do this?
  • How has this course prepared you to be able to write in an academic setting? What do you still feel that you need to work on?
  • Identify at least two resources that were available to you during this course to help you improve your writing. What tools or resources might help you continue to improve your writing skills outside of this class?
Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Posted an initial response of one to two paragraphs reflecting on the experience of taking this course and fully answered the three questions in the prompt.


Wrote in complete sentences, avoiding fragments and run-ons and correctly punctuating each sentence type. Descriptive words were used as appropriate. Pronouns and verbs were correctly used.


Responded to at least two other students’ posts. 25-100 words




post 1:

Hello Classmate 
Is important to construct grammatically so you can understand the sentences and what is it about. It helped me understand what it means in till i searched it up the meaning and how is it about it tells you a lot of different between sentences and paragraph.
This course helped me a lot with my sentences and how to use it and a lot of more other details of grammars and commas. I feel that i still have to work on my writing and how to use commas, periods etc.
I would search things up such thing has how to use marks when is needed and i would read most of the Examples that are given to you and how you can do a shortcut of a long sentence. The tool that really helped me a lot is google it tells you a lot about how to use marks and how to do a sentence without mistakes and what not to use on some sentence that you are making.

post 2:

Reflective Thoughts

It is important to be able to construct grammatically correct sentences because it makes a huge difference in speaking and writing. I also think that being able to construct sentences correctly also makes the author sound more educated. This course has helped me in many ways. I personally never really understood everything detail by detail. With this course I understand more about the little grammar errors that I often make. This course has prepared ne in many ways I didn’t even know I was ready for. I believe I still need more help and more focus on putting words together in a sentence with the correct symbols. I also think that I should focus on changing up my words to more interesting words. With practice in writing I think that I will become a better writer. I look forward to practicing and becoming a better writer in all types of writing. I didn’t really use many of the resources that I had on the school website. Although I should have used the online library, I didn’t. Some tools that I used throughout the course was prior knowledge and many websites on the internet. I think for future purposes the school’s online library will help much more instead of depending on the internet so much.

This course has also given me more confidence to express what I feel into writing. I don’t feel like I’m just writing a blob. Though I’m still a bit scared to put some mark in my writing, It still makes me think twice about what point I am trying to reach.

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