what is the implementation of health care and the affordable care act

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The topic this discussion is health care and the Affordable Care Act. For this discussion, focus more on the objective elements of the debate and consider some issues in that light. The text readings are, I think, excellent and the required video provides a blueprint for the successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Study the assigned readings and consider three other following articles from The Wall Street Journal.

  • “Inside the Affordable Care Acts Arizona Meltdown” 10/31/16
  • “Health Law Enrollment Opens Amid Volatility” 11/1/16
  • “Health Insurers Pullback Threatens to Create Monopolies” 8/28/16
  • Any other credible source you need, if you use it please cite it.

There are many new articles in 2018 on this also. Please compare and think about this.

Answer the following questions with consideration of crafting full and non-volatile responses to each.

  1. Can you explain how the Affordable Care Act is not guaranteeing those who purchase insurance on the exchanges a competitive marketplace?
  2. Do you see this as a problem, fully explain why or why not?
  3. Provide a layman’s definition of adverse selection and moral hazard. There are great ones in the video by the way; in fact the moral hazard definitions there are nearly mind bogling. Can you link one of these two concepts (adverse selection and moral hazard) to the lack of competition in some exchanges? Please explain fully.

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