What are the major and minor problems in this case assignment help

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Part 1 Assignment is to prepare and submit a detailed outline for your final paper. This outline will help you to organize your thoughts and to create a paper that readers will find easy to understand. rganize your ideas in a logical sequence and to develop evidence to support your writing. Use the “Organizational Communication Project Outline Template,” see below for guideline, which was derived from an earlier edition of the Shockley-Zalabak text. You will not write paragraphs at this time. Your outline should provide brief answers that will be further developed in the writing of the paper. Be sure to include your references (as per the last criterion in the scoring guide)—from the text and other outside sources—to support or explain your thoughts.

Identify and describe the situation or problem


What are the major and minor problems in this case?

What communication theories apply to these problems?

What organizational theories or perspectives are apparent?

What information is missing?

What assumptions are we making about the organization, its people, and their problems?


Who or what appears to be most responsible for the communication problems?

What are the shared realities in the organization?

Are the principal individuals good communicators?

Are the principals in this case assuming responsibility for the communication behaviors?


What skills do the case principals exhibit?

What additional skills are needed?

How could these skills be developed?

What overall organizational skills are lacking?

What are the major organizational strengths?


What is important or valuable to the involved individuals?

Do they share similar values?

How would you describe the culture of the organization?

Are the individual and organizational goals compatible?

Develop alternatives and test the “reality” of possible solutions

What should be done?

How many alternatives can be generated?

Can alternatives be combined?

What can be done?

Are the people involved willing to change?

Propose solutions and suggest implementation plans

Explain your reasoning for solution selection.

Identify who is responsible for what.

Determine a timetable for implementation.

Suggest how your solution might be evaluated.

Part 2 Assignment

Use your work completed in units 7 and 8 which is Part 1 outline project template you just completed. Combine unit 7 and the outline to complete the Organizational Communication project template description as attached. Be sure to include your references from the textbook and outside sources to support or explain your thoughts. You may give example in this assignment.


The introduction lets your reader know what to expect in the paper. It should stand alone to give an overall description of what the project is about and how it is organized. It should be concise and written in a style that grabs the reader so that they will want to read on. You can accomplish this by using an insightful personal statement or an interesting quote from an outside source.

Please note that the entire paper should be written in third person rather than first. The format should include an indent of .5”, as demonstrated, and the entire paper must be double-spaced. All citations should have corresponding references listed on a separate page at the end of the paper, and citations and references should be formatted following APA guidelines. Follow the layout of this template to determine which sections and heading to include.

Overview of the Organization and Case Study

Include a brief description of your organization and a brief introduction to the case study. Use information from the summary you provided in assignment u07a2. Make this section flow smoothly from your introduction, and match verb tense and third-person perspective.

Identify and Describe the Situation or Problem


Develop this and the following subsections, headings for which are included below, from your answers to the matching questions (the questions under each heading starting with “Identify and Describe the Situation or Problem”, likely starting on page 100 of the textbook) that you included in your project outline for assignment u08a1. Support and explain your writing by referencing a variety of sources. Cite and reference this information following APA guidelines (6th ed.). For more information, visit the APA Style and Formatting tutorial on the Capella University Writing Center Web site.




Develop Alternatives and Test Possible Solutions

Develop this section and the next from your answers to the matching questions on (the questions under each heading starting with “Identify and Describe the Situation or Problem”, likely starting on page 100 of the textbook) that you included in u08a1 Project – Outline. Support and explain your writing with a variety of sources that you cite and reference following APA guidelines (6th ed.).

Propose Solutions and Suggest Implementation Plans


The summary stands alone, as your introduction does, to explain to readers what was covered in the paper. This is aspect of writing will help your paper stand out to readers. Individuals often will simply scan the introductions or summaries of papers to see if the material might be applicable to their needs. Include your own insights and comments on the entire case study. Consider using an interesting quote to close the paper creatively.


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