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Here is another assignment. The hotel brand for this assignment is Moxy. I have to go to work so im not be able to reply, just finish all the questions and give it back to me by the due time. Thanks

Assignment #6: Marketing to Special Segments, and Catered Events and Meeting Rooms (Chapter 12, 14)

  • Identify your hotel brand.
  • What are the most important factors your hotel brand should highlight towards the international travelers?
  • Considering the characteristics of your hotel brand, what are some other special segments your hotel sales dept. can market towards to? List at least 2 segments and explain why.
  • Identify the duties and responsibilities of positions typically found in a hotel catering department.
  • What types of food and beverage sales contribute to profitability of a catering operation besides banquets?
  • Describe the different type of catering promotions.
  • What components are most important for creating a successful catering office?
  • Explain how food and beverage functions other than banquets can increase catering department revenues.
  • Describe how much meeting space (or number of meeting rooms) your hotel has.
  • What types of catering events have been held at your hotel (list at least 3 examples).
  • As the sales director of your hotel, what other types of catering events would you hold to increase revenue (list at least 3 examples)?
  • As the sales director of your hotel, list at least 2 examples on how you would develop leads and follow up inquiries in building business for the catering department.
  • As the sales director/catering director of your hotel, what type of catering promotions would you implement additionally?
  • Reference list


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