weight training and conditioning essay

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Please read the instructions carefully before completing this assignment. Doc or docx files only.

The OIT support staff, in consultation with the Gen Ed Committee and Course Liaison/coordinator have partially set up this assignment as this course’s assessment point for Gen Ed. All students in all sections will write a 2000 word (roughly) analysis of a weight training and conditioning-related topic and its use in developing an overall fitness program for a healthy lifestyle. In this course, you will be able to research ANY weight training and conditioning-related topic. If you are not sure whether your topic of choice qualifies or not, please contact me via e-mail for guidance/approval.

Project must contain:

  • A thesis statement / research question (which must match the studies cited/sources)
  • Minimum of 5 peer-reviewed (academic journals) article discussion – articles may support or contradict each other. Non-scientific sources (Wikipedia, health magazines, training website opinion articles, etc.) will not be accepted
  • Reference page APA style (see Purdue website if needed); must cite sources within text as well

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