Week 2: What Will You Learn? Reflective Journal

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Reflective Journal

Some weeks, you will use Wakelet to reflect on the learning connections you are making. Wakelet gives you some creative options to document and reflect on your academic journey. This journal will help you think about your strengths and limitations and give you a chance to grow from your experiences.  Reflection is something that we often do not take enough time to do, but it plays an important role in learning.

To start, create your free Wakelet (Links to an external site.) account, and then click on “Create a new collection.” Title your collection “Wicked Connections”.  You are ready to start your journal!

For your first entry in your Wakelet reflection journal, think about this:

In the capstone, the overarching goal is to showcase what you have learned throughout your undergraduate journey and connecting it to your professional goals and aspirations.  As we get started, you are going to write your own learning outcomes for this course.

  • What do you expect to demonstrate in this culminating experience? 
  • What do you want people to see from your final writing product and project presentation? 
  • If you were looking at your own work objectively at the end of the course, what would you say you have learned or done? 
  • You should have learned about micro-internships through Micro-Internship: Is it for you?  What questions do you have? What are you thinking regarding micro-internships?


This assignment is due Sunday by 11:59 PM EST. Please submit your Wakelet reflection as a URL. You will need to be sure your thread is unlisted. Once you complete your entry you can click on the “Share” button and copy the link for submission. Reflections are graded holistically (once) after the final entry, but you will receive feedback several times throughout the course, prior to your final grade. Be sure to review the attached rubric for evaluation details.

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