Week 1 DQ 1 Response to fellow classmate Ronald Smith psychology homework help

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Please provide a 150-200 word response to the question and please use at least 1 reference. Also please cite reference in APA 6th edition format and please provide doi or www info for reference if applicable. What separated humans from animals? Are we the same or are we different? While some behaviorist may insist that we are all the same, there seems to be a separation between humans and animals. “There is a connection between human behavior and the ability to feel, grow and become more aware (Felder, Aten, Neudeck, Shoimi-Chen, and Robbins, 2014). One of the things that separates us is the affective cognitive domain of learning as described by Benjamin Bloom. This is the area where we like, dislike, feel something is important and form our attitudes. Humans can be conditioned for certain behavior; however, humans have the capacity to ask “why” something is happening. Humanism is the connection between philosophy and psychology. One thing humans are driven by other than their physical needs are the emotions human have and how it affects decisions we make. Also due to a higher level of cognitive ability, we can rationalize and formulate questions on the purpose of doing something or not doing something. We can use this cognitive ability and language to document and transfer information to others. When a director makes a movie, he/she is trying to have the audience feel a certain way and to have an emotional response. That is because emotions sometimes drives us more than rational thought. So while behaviorist can condition a person and/or a dog to do certain things, the person may finally ask why or choose not to do something while the dog will continue the behavior. A person will stop and ask why we are doing something. Think about how many times you have heard the reason we do something that way is because that is the way we always have done it. With animals the behavior would be continued without knowing why; however, with humans, the why will be sought and the way it has always been done may change. So with superior mind power and emotions, humans are separated from animals. While emotions are a good thing, sometimes emotions cloud judgment and allows us to do things that are not rational. To further complicate things, some people confuse feeling with thinking. This with the need for certain things to satisfy emotional wants and needs can result in a behavior that is not as predictable in humans as it is in other animals While we can accurately measure cognitive and psychomotor domains of learning, we cannot accurately measure the affective domain. Since the humanist cannot accurately measure or come up with results that are repeatable in all cases, they science is in question. How many crimes are commented because of the physical need for food, clothing or shelter? How many crimes are committed because of emotions or an emotional need? One of the worst crimes or rape is not about meeting one of the needs such as food and shelter, it is committed for power over another person. Sex is used as a weapon against another person to get something to meet an emotional want/need. So how would be measure to any accuracy who will be a rapist? We can only observe and research why someone raped someone and build a model of possible traits a rapist would have; however, just because someone has these traits does not mean they will rape someone. This science of psychology is truly filled too many variables that cannot be measured.

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