Week 1: Amazon.com: Gathering the External and Internal Data, management homework help

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During Week 1, we will be compiling information concerning strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they relate to Amazon.com.

First, visit the website of Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com.

Go to the “Investor Relations” section of the Amazon.com website (you will find the “Investors” link at the bottom of the page), and locate the company’s most recent Annual Report. Share with your classmates at least three (3) key facts, metrics, ratios, or observations as they relate to some key strength, weakness, opportunity, or threat faced by the company (i.e., an internal functional area, a PESTLE force, or one of Porter’s Five Forces).

For example, you might provide a financial ratio along with your impression as to whether it is a financial weakness or a strength (Internal Profile), or you might mention how the governmental politics of a foreign country might be placing one of Amazon’s foreign operations at greater risk (External Environment).

In the company’s Annual Report, you will find multiple references to the external environment and extensive self-reported information and data on the company’s internal functional areas as well. Alternatively, visit IBISWorld, and type in “E-Commerce and On-line Auctions in the U.S.” Choose one of Porter’s Five Forces and one of the PESTLE forces, and discuss how each of these forces influence competition in the E-Commerce and On-line Auctions industry.

Remember to properly cite your sources. You can also use current trade journals, business magazines, or newspapers if you like.

The purpose of this week’s Discussion is to locate data or information from the external environment. Do your best not to duplicate information that has already been provided by one of classmates.

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