watch the annie leibovitz film quot life through a lens quot attached in the link and answer the following questions

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Watch the Annie Leibovitz film, “Life Through a Lens” and answer the following questions.

Here is a link to the film:

Copy and Paste the link!!!!!

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Use Chrome, not Internet Explorer!…

Here are the questions to choose from:

Can commercial photography be placed within the realm of Fine Art?

What positive impact did working for Rollingstone magazine have on Leibovitz’s photography?

Which photograph shown in the video impressed you and why?

What influence do you believe John Lennon and Yoko Ono had on her creativity?

What subject matter do you believe was the most successful for Leibovitz?

Do you believe Leibovitzs’ photography has changed the way we view celebrities? Why?

What impact did Leibovitzs’ childhood have on her choice to become an artist?

Do you believe the cultural revolution of the 1960’s affected the way Leibovitz portrayed the world?

Was Leibovitzs’ relationship with “The Rolling Stones” a positive or negative influence on the photographer?

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