Watch movie Do The Right Thing and time stamp and answer the questions accordingly

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Watch the movie “Do the Right Thing.” It is available at the Swank video database.

Watch the movie and answer the following questions. When you watch, keep track of the time stamp, which is when something in the movie happened.

No time stamps will result in a withdrawal

1. This film addresses the camera at one point, with many characters talking to the viewer. When does it happen, and why do you think Spike Lee did that?

2. The film is noted for its color. Cite three examples of when the color in the film caught your eye and explain why.

3. Provide three examples of three shots during the movie you like the most and why? Time stamp them.

4. Do you Mookie is a hero, a villain or both? Why or why not? Cite a few examples (you don’t have time stamp these).

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