Visiting A Mall Discussion

For this discussion, take a trip to a shopping mall in your area (HIP Mall in Norridge, IL) or go virtual shopping. Be sure to take the mall checklist attached.

Note: If you do not live near a mall, go to the website of a mall of your choice (do not use any of the malls listed in the module overview). Explore the mall’s website, review the stores listed, and look at pictures of the mall, the store interiors, and so on.

Keep in mind that this is a business trip and not a shopping trip, and you will be looking at the mall from a new and different point of view.

Some of the things you will be considering are store location, signage, merchandise displays, lighting, and flooring. A complete list of elements can be found in the mall checklist.

When you return from your trip, answer these discussion questions:

  1. Is location an important factor in the success of a retail store? Why?
  2. What stores had a location that set it up for success? What made this such a good location?
  3. What factors would you consider if you were choosing a site at the location you visited to open a retail store? Why?
  4. Choose two of the retailers in the mall. What factors influenced your feelings, both positive and negative, about these retailers?

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