Validity, Credibility, and Reliability

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75 word substantive comments to the following statements or questions

1. How often do you experience in your personal or work life are the arguments valid yet presented in a manner that makes the invalid?

2. What method to you use to discern the credibility of a source when the message is work related?

3. What affects you with a communication that makes the information appear credible? Include an example when they may not always be.

4. Expound on the following statement with what you understand this to mean.  “even if the premise is true, it does not provide any reason for believing that the conclusion is true” (Moore & Parker, 2012, p. 185). 

5. Discuss a time you shared information to a group (personal or workplace) and later realized you should have verified the information before sharing.

6.  Discuss an experience in your personal or work life where you were asked a question and the question assumed you were “guilty” or doing something, you were not?

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