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“According to the US Constitution, is the United States a “Christian Nation?” What is the relationship of church and state (freedom of religion/ the establishment clause).

-Needs to be 800-1000 words; does not have to be in essay format
-This is for a US history class, so references from the US Constitution and US history are required

Guidelines and questions to help give an example of the idea I was going for:
To what extent was the US in its infancy a “Christian nation.”? What is the role of religion in American culture. Its on our coins, “In God We Trust,” and its in our pledges, “so help me God.” But what is meant here? Is this, as one sociologist, Robert N Bellah called, an “American Civil Religion?” In reading the Constitution, or for that matter, the Declaration of Independence, what references to “God” do you find? What kind of God? What do you make of the First amendment rights, freedom of religion yes, but also, Congress shall make no law? In the Constitution. Article VI, Section III: “… but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office of public trust under the United States.” So, is the US founded by Christians for Christians, or does it also give room for those who possess another religion, or none at all? What justification does one find in the Constittution and its amendments, for the separation of church and state, or for its protection?

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