Unit 8: Global Supply Chain Management.

You will complete a Journal each week.

Each week, you will work on one aspect that will help you prepare for the course and reflect. Consider this Journal as study notes. This Journal will provide an opportunity to capture new ideas from knowledge gained and record your thoughts throughout the course. This will also give you an opportunity to record questions you may wish to research further in preparation for other assigned work. Please remember that copying and pasting your own notes without revising is a form of self-plagiarism.

Begin your post with the label: Unit 8: Global Supply Chain Management.

Research the following topics related to global supply chain management:

  1. Logistics
  2. WMS
  3. Globalization
  4. Transportation
  5. Security

Select three of the topics listed and compose 3 paragraphs describing the topics (1 paragraph per selected topic) based on the course material and additional research you conduct online.

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