unit 3 assignment 12

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Workplace and organizational problems are as common as dirt. You have been introduced to and explored several different Process Improvement plans to use in solving workplace problems or deficits. This week we will dig deeper into the Root Cause Analysis. There are many approaches to Root Cause Analysis. Your reading assignment this week introduces you to an article on Root Cause Analysis for Beginners as well as a version of a root cause analysis process shared by the CMS.gov called a fishbone tool.

Please watch the video below for some steps to create a fishbone.

For this assignment, you will select a problem from the list provided and create a fishbone diagram for this problem. You will need to use the following six “bones” in your diagram:

  • People
  • Tools
  • Tasks
  • Environment
  • Organization
  • Other

A basic template for these categories is available here or you can create your own.


From the list of problems below select ONE problem and complete the fishbone diagram.

  • Be sure to brainstorm for ALL of the areas.
  • Remember you are looking for CAUSES, not solutions.
  • As mentioned in the video and you may want to follow the practice of your unit 2 Assignment by using the “Why” method to get to the root cause in the area.
  • Once you have information in each area “X” out those areas where you do not have control or influence (Ex: from the healthcare video: the facility does not have the ability to have a mammogram machine on site).
  • Circle a minimum of 2 root causes where you feel the biggest impact can be made.
  • Write a 2-3 paragraph ( please provide at least 5 to 7 sentences per paragraph) explanation of why these two areas and propose one solution you will consider now that you have the Root Cause narrowed down. Please include at least ONE credible source and in-text citations in your support paragraphs.

Problem Options

  • High-rate of no-shows for scheduled 6-month dental cleanings
  • Overtime hours among CNA’s increasing
  • Five HIPAA compliance complaints filed for check-in area over past 3 months
  • Increase number of pressure ulcers reported in SNF patients
  • Long lab test result times
  • Pediatric patient provided the wrong dose of medication based on weight.

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