Training and Development Plans

You serve as the Human Resource Manager for an auto insurance company
called Premium Auto Insurance. A claims supervisor has informed you
that customers have begun to complain about the quality and efficiency
of the claims process. They are complaining that every time that they
call to follow up on their auto claim, they receive a voicemail message,
and that they can never speak to a live person. On top of that, it
takes multiple attempts and sometimes days for someone to return their
call. An insurance adjuster is not sent out to evaluate the damage of
their vehicle for weeks, and as a result, they are either paying a lot
of money for a rental car or, they are left without a vehicle for long
spans of time.

Currently, training consists of senior claims
representatives showing new employees how to perform the job. There is
no formal training for insurance adjusters because there is a
requirement for adjusters to have a certification before being hired.
Your CEO is counting on you to develop an onboarding and training plan.

In this assignment, you will develop a training plan.

  1. Download this Training Plan Template.
  2. Complete all of the sections of the training plan template. Don’t forget to elaborate on your thoughts and provide details.

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