Topic 4 DQ2-2

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Please respond to the following post, with your opinion, add citations and references.

Nutrition is a central component in health promotion because it affects the body in all areas. We, as nurses, know of the affects of diet on your health in the form of diseases. I recently, as in today, had a co-worker who is notorious for not managing his diabetes. His job entails walking for long hours and managing behavioral health patients, sometimes 20+ at a time. He coded in the parking lot and we had to respond to that code. I know that this is because he is not following his diet appropriately. The younger population is at a disadvantage because of the culture of our society. Fast food is so accessible and everyone seems too busy to actually sit down and eat a meal with their family. This is something that I make a priority for my children. I grew up on fast food as I was traveling playing softball most of my life. I do not want that for my kids. There are many different roles that nutritional deficiency and nutritional excess can play in disease. When your body has more than it needs as far as food, it can impact your organs and your body. The same can be said for when your body does not have what it needs. We see issues like explained earlier, with unmanaged diabetes, chronic heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, brain function. Our food is our fuel for our body. It wouldn’t be wise to drive a mercedes and put in regular gas. Nutrition is the same concept for our body.


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