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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references.

Phenomenology: The goal of the phenomenological approach to qualitative research is to describe accurately lived experiences of people, and to not generate theories or models of the phenomenon being studied. Since the primary source of the data is the live world of the individual being studied, interviews are the most common source of data collection.

Grounded theory: The purpose of the grounded theory approach is to discover social-psychological processes. Feature of the grounded theory include, theoretical sampling and constant comparative method. Theoretical sampling refers to sampling decisions made throughout the entire research process in which participants are chosen based on the knowledge of the topic and based on emerging study findings.

Ethnographic research: The goal ethnography is to learn about culture from the people who actually live that culture. A culture can be defined as a society, a community, an organization, a spatial location or a social world. The process of ethnography is characterized by intensive, ongoing, face to face involvement with the participants in the study.

Phenomenology vs. Grounded theory: The two are similar and useful for nursing research in that they produce results that are useful in precipitating change and creating substantial realistic and accurate data. The differences are in the types of research questions that are asked, the methods used and to some extent the final products. Based on real life experiences vs. theoretical experiences with subjects that have knowledge of the topic at hand yet may not have experienced the topic itself.


Ploeg, J. 1999. Identifying the best research design to fit the question. Part 2: Qualitative designs. Evidence – Based Nursing. 1999;2:36-37

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