timed sensitive questions wwi soviet union fascism in italy wwii

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Questions need to be answered one paragraph for each question. NOT ALL TOGETHER. Each answer no more than 200 words.

1. Analyze how the onset of WW I changed the economic, social, and political landscapes in the affected nations prior to the end of the war. Use examples to explain how the war affected men and women, government power, and the economy as the war progressed.

2.Identify and describe the major cultural changes in the Soviet Union from 1917–1932. Give special attention to the New Economic Policy (NEP) of 1921–1928 and the first Five-Year Plan of 1928–1932. Use historical examples to support your answer. How successful were Stalin’s collectivization policies and the first Five-Year Plan by 1932–1933?

3.Describe the rise of fascism in Italy. Indicate the conditions present in Italy that made it possible for Mussolini to come to power. Describe Mussolini’s tactics against leftists. What were Mussolini’s motives for attacking Ethiopia in 1935?

4.Compare and contrast the empires of Germany and Japan before the outbreak of World War II. Identify and describe the leadership qualities of their respective leaders. Make sure you use enough historical details to support your answer.

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