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As prepare to analyze your selected advertisement, it might be helpful to consider how many advertisements focus their persuasive powers at specific targets: sub-communities within the larger population. To help you think through this particular lens, please read the attached essay by Kalle Lasn titled “The Cult You’re In.” After you’ve read it, please post to the designated Discussion Board forum the following:

  • Identify one “cult” you recognize you’re a member of, and explain why you choose to be a member. Describe some of the rituals or characteristics that you engage in that designate membership in this cult.
  • Identify one “cult” within your community that you recognize you are not a member of. Describe some of the rituals or characteristics that allow you to identify members of this cult.
  • React to the rhetoric of Lasn’s essay: what techniques does he use to draw readers into his argument? Did he persuade you? Did he shock you? Did he amuse you? However you reacted to Lasn’s essay, be sure to critically explain why you reacted as you did: how did Lasn’s rhetorical choices impact you?

Please write coherent paragraphs as you answer these questions; practice making connections between your thoughts in writing using transitionary words and sentences.

While all the Habits of Mind are involved in all work for this course, participating in this discussion requires Openness, Curiosity, and Metacognition.

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