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Please see the instructions below. I will need a minimum of 300 word count document, describing a topic for my final project. I have an example of this assignment attached. I will need something like the attached.

Topic 2

Review the Final Course Project – Persuasive Researched Proposal, as seen in the Unit 1 Reading. One of the most effective strategies for narrowing and refining topic ideas is through peer collaboration and review. Consider potential topics for you to explore for the Persuasive Researched Proposal and share your ideas with your peers.

Tips for Final Project:

TEAM — I highly encourage you to review the project guidelines, including the list of topics previous students have pursued, which is posted in Doc Sharing. ”Doc Sharing” is one of the blue tabs at the top of this page. These resources will help you choose workable topics for your papers. I will provide feedback in this forum to make sure you get off to a solid start in your topic selection. You are not limited to the list of topics previously used – these are designed only to give you some ideas.

It is important to remember your goal in thinking of a topic for the researched proposal:

  1. Identify a problem in your workplace or community – it must not be some enormous project like the economy, or an upcoming election. Choose a local topic – local to your workplace or community.
  2. Analyze the problem from various points of view.
  3. Develop a solution to solve that problem.
  4. Use a minimum of one original graphic.
  5. Identify a decision-maker who can act on your solution idea – this must be a specific individual, not all citizens of your community or any other broad audience.
  6. Conduct research online and in the Kaplan library to locate documentation to support your idea.
  7. Write a 2500–3000 word proposal to your decision-maker outlining the problem, offering your solution, and supporting your solution with viable and cited research 8. Earn an “A” on the proposal!

NOTE – You will work on the final researched proposal in stages. The Final Project is due at the end of Unit 5.


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