the benefits and detriments of social media

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  • To present objective points of view on a topic. This is not an argumentative essay; therefore, you will not be setting forth an arguable stance (thesis); YOU WILL REMAIN COMPLETELY OBJECTIVE
  • Using the expository and either MLA or APA format, you will write a three- to four-page expository POV essay in which you are setting forth three “pro” and three “con” points of view on the topic you have chosen for your research paper. Essay format: Because this is an expository essay, you will be using three “parts”: an introduction that sets up the topic and includes an expository thesis (for example, there are various points of view on this topic); a body of support paragraphs that set forth three “pro” and three “con” views (in separate paragraphs) on this topic; and a conclusion. The support paragraphs should begin with topic sentences that set forth each “pro” and each “con” clearly and explicitly, for example “one argument in favor of . . . is . . . .” Each support paragraph should have sufficient development and support using the appropriate RENNS (reasons, examples, names, numbers, and senses) but not to the level I will expect in your research paper. Sources: You will bring in one source for each “pro” and “con” so six credible sources, but the paragraphs should not be a summary of the source. YOU are explaining each POV, and the source is merely brought in to support this.

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