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Team Database Project Assignment Detailed Instructions

Section 1 – Database Design

Anywhere College is a small liberal arts college in Dallas, Texas. Because student enrollment at Anywhere College is small, the college participates competitively only in football and basketball. However, the athletic department has been encouraging the college for the past several years to develop an intramural department. After receiving a large cash endowment for the development of the intramural department, the college’s board of directors agreed to its creation. The primary goal of the intramural department is to encourage students to participate in sports and activities that promote good health and strongbodies.

The intramural department will offer organized sports leagues for interested students. The department will create schedules for each sport, assign players to teams, provide a coach and a student captain, and manage the team’s playing locations. The department will also offer sports equipment that teams can check out and use for practice and games.

Part of the mandate set by the board for the intramural department is to demonstrate that students are using its service by participating on teams and using equipment. The intramural department must provide reports each semester documenting which sports were offered, how many students participated in them and other information as requested by the board. Admission counselors will also use these reports to show prospective student that there are many opportunities to participate in sports at the college.

The college has appointed Maria Forney as the director of the intramural department. Maria has hired you to develop and maintain the database that will manage the departmental activities and produce the required reports. Because the intramural department is new, Maria is not yet certain of the data the department needs to collect and manage. Initially, she wants the database to manage data about each sport offered by the intramural department (including team assignments, coaches, and scheduling), the students who sign up for sports teams, and the equipment.

Because you are the only person responsible for the database, there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders to provide a database that works well for the department.

Complete the following:

1.  Maria decides that the best way to get started planning the database is to prepare a list of all the data items that are needed to support the department. The table on the next page shows her list, which she asks you to use when planning the database. You will need to identify the data to collect, group fields into tables, normalize the data, and relate thetables.



Students: We need to store information about students who participate on teams and the sports in which they participate, including the team.  Students can sign up for more than one sport.

ID number

Student and faculty IDs at Business are five digits.


First and last names.


Home phone number, cell phone number.


Students must sign a waiver to play on a team; we must have this document on file.

Academic eligibility

Students must be academically eligible to play sports by maintaining a C or better grade point average; we must check eligibility at registration.



Sports including basketball, football, ping pong, pool, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track, and wrestling.


Each sport has an assigned coach. We need to know the coach’s name, office number (such as JK-18), office phone number, and cell phone number. A person can coach one or more teams over one or more seasons.

Min and max players

Each sport has a designated minimum and maximum number of players.

Begin date

The date each sport begins.


A place to record notes about each sport.

Equipment: Teams or coaches check out the equipment they need for their sport’s practice sessions.

ID number

Equipment is assigned an ID number using a sport abbreviation and a number (BAS = basketball, FTBL = football, PNG = ping pong, POL = pool, SOC = soccer, SOF = softball, and TEN = tennis). For example, BAS-1 is a basketball. Some equipment ID numbers indicate a collection of items. For example, BAS- BAG-3 is three basketballs.


A description of the equipment.

Storage building

The building where the equipment is stored, such as SB-1.

Fields: Different courts, fields, and tables are available for practice and games.

ID number

Courts, fields, and tables are assigned ID numbers. For example, BAS-CRT-1 is a basketball court, SOC-FLD-2 is a soccer field, and POL-TBL-2 is a pool table.


Identify the court field, or table type (basketball, softball, and so on).

Maintenance contact

Each court, field, and table has an assigned maintenance person, who manages and resolves problems with the court, field, or location. We will need to know the maintenance person’s name, phone number, and officenumber.


The seasons each field is available for use by a team (some fields are unavailable off-season for maintenance purposes). The seasons are fall and spring; some sports run year-round, in which case the season is “always”.

Teams: For each team, we need to know the team number, captain, sport name, location where games are played, and the equipment needed for the game.

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