Team Assessment – Use the Scientific Method in an Exercise Science Experiment

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Generate a hypothesis about the cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) of a KINE 199 running class.Will their CRF improve with the treatment of the class?Slight, moderate or significant changes in their CRF?

Students participate in a twice a week conditioning program to improve CRF.At the beginning of the semester, each participant’s CRF is measured indirectly through a 1 mile run.At the end of the semester, their CRF is evaluated again for changes in performance.If the evaluator were to take the subjects to a laboratory and measure their VO2 max, their 1 mile test results would correspond fairly well.

Process and analyze the data.Based on the data analysis, make an informed and educated conclusion.

Generate a hypothesis:

Analyze the data:

Evaluate the results:

Make an informed conclusion:

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