supporting text 450 600 words

Task description

Contributions will demonstrate your understanding of disciplinary culture and explain stages in your learning experience as you investigate aspects of your discipline.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand and reflect on relationships between culture, identity, values and practices in disciplinary contexts
  • Demonstrate understanding of the contribution of disciplines in meeting real world challenges
  • Communicate effectively in written, visual and oral modes
  • Use technology effectively and creatively to communicate and reflect on the learning process


Explain and support your current understanding of your disciplinary culture.


  • This contribution should contain 3 visual images with supporting text.
  • Visuals may include photos, drawings, diagrams, charts.
  • At least 3 images should be your own. You may include work done in class.
  • Supporting text should explain the meaning of the image e.g. “This image shows/represents….by/through/because…”
  • Write 150 – 200 words of supporting text for each visual

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