Summarizing key learnings

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Summarize your key learnings in this class and how you plan to use this information in your future careers? Limit to 500 words maximum (double-spaced, 12 pt. font). A header page is not required. Format according to APA Style Guide, 7th ed. Per APA guidelines, include in-text citations and Reference page. Cite ALL sources.   Source: Revel for Pevehouse, Jon C. W. and Goldstein, J. S. 2020. International Relations(12th Ed). Pearson, Boston, MA. Chapter 7, International Organizations, Law, and Human Rights, Chapter 8, International Trade, Chapter 9, Global Finance and Business, Chapter 10, Integration Theory,  Chapter 11, Environment and Population, Chapter 12, The North-South Gap,  Chapter 13, International Development.

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