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Subject – web analytics

minimum of four pages with five references and no plagiarism APA

Goal: The ability to understand a business problem and frame it with business questions that will guide your analysis.

  • Task 1: Determine the business questions and the business audience for them.
  • Task 2: Explain what business problem, challenge, or opportunity you are attempting to solve by asking these questions.
  • Task 3: Identify why these business questions will help stakeholders solve the problem or challenge and/or take advantage of business opportunities.
  • Task 4: Define how you expect stakeholders to react or respond to your business questions and the analysis they portend.
  • Task 5: Prepare a report, starting with an executive summary; expected length up to 3 pages APA format, excluding cover page, table of content, and appendixes.

Note:- please make it effectively , no plagiarism, and please stay on the topic.

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