Strawberry Conventional versus Sustainable Agricultural Discussion

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This week, you will need to develop a discussion post comparing and contrasting the differences between conventional and sustainable practices in Agriculture, of Strawberry (of the same crop.)

First, a note of caution. If you have not already guessed, the term “Organic” is not automatically a determination of sustainability. For your convenience, I have provided you with the link to the UC Extension database (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. of cost studies. If you need to use these, you will find enough information to compare and contrast the practices and costs of both methodologies in the files. Of course, be sure that you are comparing the same crop, otherwise it is difficult to compare across farming practices. You should be getting good at identifying and presenting strengths and weaknesses for each method, given our past discussion topics.

Tips: I would first write a short introduction of what you are comparing ….Short….then probably make a list of common practices such as irrigation, planting methods, harvest, pest management, fertility, etc. **(keep in mind some of these may be the same or they may all be need to let us know how they differ if they do, or if they are the same.)…

OK, now you have a “chart” of sorts showing how the two practices, Sustainable and Conventional, produce a common product.

Now, highlight the differences and any advantages either (or both) provide. This could be “A” is more labor intensive but the value of the crop is higher so the higher cost of production is offset by higher income and you could expect to make the same …

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