Strategic philanthropy, 500 words, APA 6th Edition

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Research the key term “Strategic philanthropy” for business ethics class.

Minimum 500 words, APA 6th Edition (Font: Times new roman,
Font size :12, Double spaced).

Follow this format:

DEFINITION: a brief definition of the key term and 1 in text APA
citation with reference. This does not count in the word requirement.

SUMMARY: Summarize the article in your own words- this should be
in the 150-200-word range. Be sure to note the article’s author, note their
credentials and why we should put any weight behind his/her opinions, research,
or findings.

DISCUSSION: Using 300-350 words, write a brief discussion, of
how the article relates to “Strategic philanthropy “. Do not
rehash what was already stated in the article, but add value by
sharing your experiences, thoughts, and opinions. This is the most important
part of the assignment.

REFERENCES: Have 1 reference with intext citation (peer-reviewed
academic journal articles written within the past 3 years)

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