strategic management 147

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Task 1: A4 Poster (1000 words)

Consider yourself as a junior company to consultant of a well-known company of your choice here in Sultanate of Oman. You are tasked to do a SWOT analysis and recommend some strategies in an A4 poster format. Finding should emphasise the possible issues to be at rest and opportunities that can be maximize in order to improve the business operation of the company.

Poster should observe the following requirements:

– Presentation: visual impact (looking like a poster), readability and professionalism.

– Content: clarity, relevance, structure, appropriate, use of English and professionalism.

Should include basics such as your name the company you have chosen and the degree you are studying for.


Introduction: The Company:

– Discussion of the background of the company and the products and services currently being offered.

– Discussion on company milestones and critical analysis of the pattern of it is growth and development.

Main Body:

– SWOT Analysis,

*Identify KPIs

– Findings,

*Show the best from the KPIs

– Recommendation,

*Should be placed from the findings



*(An Example has been uploaded for knowing how make the structure for the poster named “Poster Example”)

Task 2: Reflective Log (1500 words)

Consider as strategic management students write a 1500 words essay reflecting on your honest personal responses, activities, materials, learning and other factors that cover the delivery of the module. Examine how your experience shapes or contributes to your professional growth.


– Personal observation about the knowledge and skills acquired.

– Responses to the availability and provision of module materials.

– Challenges faced and benefits gained.

– Discussion about teaching and learning styles.

– Linkage between theory and practice.

*** Words count = 2500 words

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** An attachment has been uploaded named “Poster Example” for Task 1.

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