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Answer the following question with 150-word essay:

  • Compare and contrast two films from different traditions/cultures that engage with similar material (storyline, plot, characters, genre, etc.).
  • According to the book, how did World War II impact the film industry and films in general?
  • Please watch the video provided. Summarize the main information provided in how to make a short documentary. If you were creating a short documentary, what would be the subject? Please provide a synopsis.
  • I have done 3 documentaries before. The biggest challenge when creating a documentary is finding the story and the emotional arc of its main characters. The biggest goal is to create a documentary that is identical to other fictional films in terms of emotional arc – if you take any other fictional film, they have a specific beginning, development and ending, and its main characters have an emotional arc, in other words, they “change” throughout the film. When creating a documentary, the filmmakers have to be creative in how to portray this change. The hard part is that you are dealing with real people – sometimes you have to film them for many years before knowing what their ’emotional arc’ would be. Here’s a very good article that talks about this arc: Documentary Storytelling: The Drama of Real Life…. Can you think of any documentary that has a very specific ’emotional arc’?

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