Stakeholder Accountability in International Organizations

Question CXU3

Write an explanation of whom your selected type of organization serves as its primary stakeholders. In your explanation, address whether the kinds of accountability you see in traditional domestic public organizations seem likely to work in your chosen type of organization and explain why. Explain to what degree networked organizations provide particular challenges to efforts at ensuring accountability to stakeholders. Also, explain the management challenges that may arise for international organizations. Be specific and provide examples.

Question CXU4

Project, Part 2: Background Paper

The Background Paper puts you in the position of the leader of an organization. To determine how to move forward, you need to know the mission, goals, and current operations of your organization. You need to know how the pieces of the organization fit together. You also need to know the position of the organization in the global network. The Background Paper serves as the foundation for the Project as you gather key information that will guide you in your evaluation of transformational leadership in the organization.

This paper will explain the history of the organization and its role in the world today. The goal is to demonstrate that you have a firm understanding of the organization. The paper must be 750–1,000 words in length.

The Background Paper must include the following:

A clear explanation of the history of the organization, including when it was created and how it has changed over time

A clear narrative of changes in structure, management, and mission, if these are applicable

A clear explanation of how the organization is structured, including a summary of the leadership framework

A discussion of outside organizations with which it has established relationships

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