spanish powerpoint project using a template

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Using the template provided, fill in the assignments using proper conjugated Spanish according to the notes within the template. I will provide the vocabulary from Chapter 5 when asked for inside the template. PLEASE PAY Attention to the rules listed in the notes section of the powerpoint or it will be marked wrong.

Chapter 5 vocabulary:


Take a moment to review the vocabulary words and memorize them with the flash cards on the next page. Pay careful attention to spelling and accents.

De viaje (travel)
Spanish English
el destino destination
el itinerario itinerary
la salida departure
la llegada arrival
el pasaje (de ida y vuelta) o boleto (round trip) ticket
el pasaporte passport
vigente valid
vencido expired
la tarjeta de embarque boarding pass
la sala de embarque gate (at the airport)
hacer las maletas to pack your bags
hacer un viaje to go on a trip
ir(se) de vacaciones to go on vacation
perder un vuelo miss a flight
regresar return
despegar to take off
aterrizar to land
ponerse/quitarse el cinturón to fasten/to unfasten the seatbelt
El alojamiento (places to stay)
Spanish English
el hotel hotel
el albergue hostel, bed and breakfast
la recepción front desk
el cuarto, la habitaciónindividual (simple)/doble single/double room
alojarse, quedarse to stay
reservar; hacer una reserva to reserve; to make a reservation
cancelar to cancel
de (buena) categoría first class
5 (4, 3, 2) estrellas 5 (4, 3, 2) stars
incluído included

Las excursions (excursions)
Spanish English
la aventura adventure
la brújula compass
el buceo scuba diving
el campamento, el camping campground
acampar to camp
el ecoturismo ecotourism
el guía turístico tour guide
el/la turista tourist
recorrer to tour
el avión airplane
el aeropuerto airport
el barco boat
el puerto port
el tren train
la estación de trenes train station
el autobús bus
la estación de autobús bus station
el auto, coche, carro car
la moto, motocicleta motorcycle
la bici, bicicleta bicycle

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