sound organization reasoning and evidence English homework help

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Write a thoughtful 2-3 page essay, reflecting on what you’ve learned and/or improved upon through this course. This is an expository essay (an essay that explains something) rather than an argumentative essay.

  • MLA !
  • This essay should demonstrate the elements of a sound academic essay, including –
    • a guiding idea
    • an introductory and concluding paragraph
    • sound organization, reasoning, and evidence
    • and the assumption of a “naïve” reader, meaning a reader who hasn’t taken this class and needs necessary explanations and context to understand what’s being said.
      • In your concluding paragraph, discuss how you will use what you’ve learned in future courses and/or in your professional life.
    • This essay will include at least three citations (direct quotations and/or paraphrases) from your textbooks and/or other course materials. These should be correctly cited, using correct MLA in-text citations; however, you do NOT need to include a Works Cited page.
    • The checklist does not need to be included in your submission, but the essay should reflect the correct application of relevant checklist items (do not use “you,” for example).
    • Rescources included (Weston, Anthony. A Rulebook for Arguments. 4 th Edition. Hackett Publishing, 2009.  Graff & Birkenstein. They Say/I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing. 3 rd Edition. WW Norton, 2014  Word processing capability.  Recommended: Hacker. Rules for Writers, 7 th Edition.) If you can get citations from some of these it would be nice

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