Rough Draft final draft English homework help

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for this assignment you will write a rough draft and a final draft 12 fonttimes roman.

For this week, you will write your description paragraph on

2. A scene from nature

Description Paragraph

Topic sentence

Topic sentence revised a second time.

Topic sentence revised a third time.

List of details I will use in the paragraph

-Detail one

-Detail two

-Detail three

-Detail four

-Detail five

-Detail six

You will write out your entire rough draft of the paragraph. This will contain mistakes, and that is alright! I want to see the improved final version after your rough draft. I will see what you have improved. Your rough draft must be 8-14 detailed sentences.

Your final draft should be well crafted. Your final draft must be 8-14 detailed sentences.

Be detailed with your descriptions. You want to paint a picture with your words for your reader. Our textbook for the course provides you with some excellent examples in the designated chapter.

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