Rhetorical Analysis Essay on MLK’s letter from bham jail

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Length and Style Requirements

700—1,000 words

MLA format (12pt. font, Times New Roman, double spaced)

You must include a works cited page.


Closely read one of the following articles, and observe the author’s use of logos, pathos, and ethos in his/her/their argument. In addition to charting the places where the author uses these rhetorical strategies, you must analyze these instances, elaborating on how you believe they contribute to the author’s meaning and the article’s overall effectiveness. In other words, your job is to make a claim about the article’s effectiveness, using analyses of the author’s logos, pathos, and ethos to support that argument. (Remember that this is an analysis, not an opinion piece; that is to say that you should rely on your observations of the strategies the author is using and not on how you personally respond to the article. Additionally, you should avoid generalizations such as “This statement makes readers feel. . .” or “. . . causing her readers to become distracted by. . .,” as this phrasing causes ‘all readers’ to become essentially a projection of your own reading.)

Texts you may choose to analyze Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail (GFC)

this is a draft that I have written and cannot finish so if you could take that and add and edit that it would be great

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