review and edit, provide advice for my short essay Education is important

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This is my essay:

Education is important


1. Education teach people to think from their own, rather than accept.

The Renaissance, a famous time period when scientists and philosophers prompt education in citizens. Its aims to teach people not only to learn knowledge of Greek philosophy but also teach people to think. Education cannot replace the people’s thinking, but the education provide knowledge storage which are backups adjust people to think in intellect manner.

2. Educated people are more easier to find their genius.

The education system applied today is not continuous, instead, the whole education system are split to several phases. From the young children to high school, teenagers take classes of basic knowledge from science, foreign language, philosophy etc. To fulfill the basic comprehension of modern sciences and also help them to find their interested area for further education in college and MBA program. For those who are not interested in further education, they can complete the basic lessons in high school then going to learn specific living skills to make live.

3. Education makes people in different countries are easier to communicate.

The education systems have some similarities in worldwide countries. The grade in foreign schools could used directly as a significant reference when international students apply for study abroad or exchange study programs. Also because the similarities in basic lessons, teenagers took the approximately similar lessons in different countries, for instance: Mathematics, Physics, Science, Biology, and foreign languages which provide a access to communicate with foreigners.

4. Educations teach people how to discover the world in different manners.

Before modern science education popularization, people perceive the world based on their biological feelings, including sight, smell, touch, feelings and imaginations. This methodology also called metaphysics. People in the ancient period are utterly ignorant of the law of nature. The extensive ignorance of human knowledge changes after modern science system has been established. Nowadays educated people acquaint the world with their systematic knowledge of science rather than body senses and hypothesis.

5. Education has the effect of inherit the knowledge from history and stimulate people to develop modern technology.

Even after the ancients begin to record their history, lots of ancient cultures still found “lost” by modern historians. This was because in ancient society, only few officers took educations, their responsibilities is to read and write, using their local languages to edit historical records. Once these recorders dies unexpectedly, their record method may not inherit to successor in complete ways, also lasted transcripts from wars could be ruined, fragmented, blurried, without the recorders, these records are hard to interpretation. Education to mainstream people make our existing history and knowledge nearly impossible to lost.

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