resume building.

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UIW Business Club is hosting the first meeting
Tuesday, October 30, 1:30pm – 2:30pm, SEC 2040. Students will be able
to join the club and pay dues. Career Services will discuss ‘Handshake’
and offer pointers on resume building.

To obtain 10 points extra credit:

a. Summarize the guest speaker’s presentation and what you learned.

How will lessons learned help you ‘market’ yourself when interviewing
with future employers? (1 double-spaced page minimum; 2 double-spaced
pages max).

‘A’ quality work receives 100% of the scores; ‘B’
quality work receives 80% of the grade; ‘C’ quality work receives 70%
of the grade, etc. Recaps are due at the end of class, one week after lecture presentation. No late papers are accepted.

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